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This web site will cover the basic knowledge for creating items ( crafting ) in mmorpg Lineage2. I visited a lot of l2 sites to get help for leveling my little dwarf, but everywhere the info is random, or not complete. So I will try to cover the basic steps - important recipes, where to farm them, which monsters to hunt, at what level and so.

Dwarves are brave fighters, but they are most renowned for their craftsmanship, scavenging, and trade skills. Dwarves can create wonderous objects, and maintain a reputation as the greatest traders in the land. Dwarves learn the Create Item skill also referred to as Craft. If you choose to be an scavenger you can learn only craft level 1. The Artisan and Warsmith classes gain additional skills of crafting as they progress.

Create Item Skill
craft level char level
2 20
3 28
4 36
5 43
6 49
7 55
8 62
9 70

In the beginning you can hold only 50 recipes. You can increases the number of recipes that can be recorded in the recipe book by using fishing proofs. To register recipe in your Recipe Book you have to open the inventory and double-click the recipe in your inventory